How to insert videos from youtube, rutube in an article

In the previous lesson, you had some questions about installing the WP Tuner plugin, and we decided to do a detailed lesson on this topic. (ATTENTION!

There will not be a detailed tutorial on the WP Tuner plugin, since it is not compatible with versions higher than 2.7. All detailed information is in the article itself).

And today we are going to install the Video Embedder plugin, with which we will insert videos from youtube, rutube, on our blog. Getting started with installation:

If you pay for youtube view you can quickly gain your audience.

Download the plugin.

Moving the folder from the archive to the address


Next, go to the site’s admin panel and activate the plugin.

The plugin is installed!

Now let’s figure out how to insert a video in an article on a blog:

Find the video we need. I chose a youtube video about street sports (workout).

In the address bar, we find the following, we need the highlighted part that is between the «=» and «&»signs.

Creating a new post. And in order to insert the form into the page, we need to specify the following (you can do this in HTML mode or in normal editing mode):

[youtube]FvebdiisA1E [/youtube]

In other words, we need to insert the part of the link between the «=» and «&»tags on YouTube.

Next, click the «Publish» button, then click «View entry».

Your post opens with the inserted video:

As you can see, the video was successfully inserted and you can even view it. You can see how to insert videos from other servers in the help for this plugin (it is located in the plugin parameters):

This, I think, will be the end of the lesson. Everything is stated, everything is told and shown. See you in the next lesson on installing the Theme authentication Checker (TAC) plugin.

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